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  Bridge Pose  
  1. Lie on your back.
2. Bend your knees so that the soles of your feet are flat on the floor.
3. Put your arms above your head on the floor and relax them.
4. Inhale, arching the pelvis up. Hold for several seconds.
5. Exhale as you slowly come down. Continue to inhale up and exhale down for one minute.
6. Relax on your back with your eye's closed for a few minutes.

    Acupressure Points       Traditional Associations    
    Triple Warmer 15
TW 15
      Shoulder and neck pain, arm and elbow painful and cannot be raised, stiff neck.    
    Gall Bladder 20
GB 20
      Alternately hot and cold, eyes foggy, nervousness, painful shoulder, reumatism, stiff neck, upper parts of the body feel heavy or hot.    
    Gall Bladder 21
GB 21
      The major point where shoulder tension collects. Traditionally used to release stiff neck, regulate hyperthyroidism, and relieve rheumatism.    
    Bladder 10
B 10
      Head heavy, spasm of the neck muscles, limbs and body not coordinated, throat sore or swollen.    
    Small Intestine 10
SI 10
      Muscular pain, numbness, swelling or arthritis in the shoulder-scapula region.    
  Benefits: fatigue, cold hands or feet, nervous exhaustion, irritability, shoulder pain or ache, excessive anger, hypertension, resistance to colds and flu.

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